A Favorite Product {Elk River, MN Photographer}

A Favorite Product {Elk River, MN Photographer}


It’s Tuesday Blog Ring time. Welcome back to my regular readers and for those of you who are new, welcome. I am in a group of fellow photographer friends which we select a topic each week to blog about. You can travel around the world reading each one of our posts about the weekly topic and see everyone’s take on the topic.  This week we are blogging about, “A favorite Product.”

So my Favorite Product.  I had a handful of ideas to do for this one.  It all came down to what I wanted to shoot and talk about.  I narrowed it down to 2 of my favorite items/products.  My first one would  line up with something I have always enjoyed and have lately really put a lot of time and desire into it.  I have always enjoyed running and I put it on my personal goals for 2013 to run a half marathon.  Now I might admit that this was put on there in the beginning of the year as well if I get to it then I will.  Well I was active but not a person who would exercise 6-7 days a week.  That all changed this past March.  I told myself if I was going to be able to run that half marathon this year I needed to get more serious about it.  And I will be honest I had a goal to finish off my weight loss journey.  So this past March I started to run and do P90X.  After a month and a half I decided that I needed to change up my exercise. So I found a new exercise program and I increased my running.  It was no longer a couple times a week but it became 6 days a week I would run.  In May I decided on my half and started the training so I would be able to run 13.1 miles by the time the half came.

This all has had me on a search for a heart rate monitor. At first I was against the strapped on one. That was until I tried out one that I had to register the heart rate myself 3-4 times during a workout and realized that it really isn’t easy to do while in the middle of an exercise session.  So after a lot of research and reading reviews, I found what I was looking for.  Not only could I get my heart rate, calories burned, but it would also track my pace and miles ran. Bonus.  Now I could run and know how far I ran without having to track it before hand or afterwards.  Just like any new device you get, I had a learning curve with it and I am still learning parts of it.  But I love it and I am glad it is helping my fitness journey move along.  So here is a photo of not only my heart rate monitor and foot pod, but also my running shoes.  I love my shoes and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever ran in.

I had to share one more product/item I can’t live without.  If you know me you could probably guess.  I am a photographer and yes I love my camera.  It’s useful for business, family photos and also my everyday snapshots.  Without my camera I would not be able to capture all these special times for others and my family. I loved learning my camera and when I find something out knew on it, it is like a new exciting adventure. I have two wonderful, sweet and handsome little boys who are growing up way to fast.  Without being able to capture all our fun times I don’t know what I would do. Taking photos for others and giving them images they are able to cherish for years to come makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  So here it is.  My camera that I love and could not live without one now.

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  1. My camera is definitely something I could not live without. I take care of mine like it was one of my children. LOL

  2. I soo tought I was going to see photography products! Love the running items! I jus started to run with the couch to 5k program! I am learning to love it. But I need new running shoes!

  3. good for you

  4. Great post, Sarah!! I need to look into getting one of those devices to count my miles. Looks like a great product!! Love your camera too!

  5. I love my camera too!


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