A Love Letter {Elk River & Austin, MN area Photographer}

A Love Letter {Elk River & Austin, MN area Photographer}

This week I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do for our topic of “A Love Letter.”  I have letters from my husband from when we were dating, and letters/cards from more recent that I thought about using.  Then I had thought about some letters I had wrote for my Dad after he passed away.  I buy a birthday card for him and I write a letter each year. It is fun to go back and read each and every card/letter for him.  I know I can’t send it but I know he sees them.  Then my final option would be letters to my boys. I write one letter to each boy every year.  I write it on or around their birthday   This has been a fun way to re-cap our year and share some fun stories with them. I know one day they will enjoy going back  and reading all my letters to them.  🙂 I chose to show you guys my Love Letters to my sons.  Not that any of the others weren’t as important but I am going to be writing a new letter here in less than a month.  I can’t believe we will have a 6 year old. Where has that time gone.  So each year on or near their birthdays, I sit down and write them a little Love letter. I like to share our year with them, and leave them with lots of love. It is amazing how much you can write about a year. I have been trying to keep it to a front and back of the page so I will have room in my book.  This might not always be the case as they get older and more exciting and fun things happen in their lives.  As of right now neither one of my  boy’s knows I am writing to them each year on their birthday but I am sure one day they will  find out.  I haven’t decided when I will give them their book or books full of Love Letters from Mom but I am sure they will be surprised and excited to read them. (or I really hope so) Love Letter How about another trip around the world this week.  I would love it if you stopped over to all of my wonderful Fellow Photographer Friend’s blogs to find out about their Love Letter this week.  Let’s start with my Good Friend Christine from Chris Cross Photography.   Christine is in South Africa a place I hope to get over to visit one of these days.  Can’t wait to see what Christine’s Love Letter is all about.  🙂  Don’t forget to leave her some Love.


  1. I have to admit I teared up a bit. So sweet!

  2. Julie Nack

    What a wonderful idea! And what a treasure for them to have when they are older.

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