About Sarah

IMG_3565Hi. I’m Sarah, a fun loving girl who loves to have fun and make memories doing it.  I love life and am blessed by everything I have been handed. Life isn’t always easy but if you stick to it and give it your all you can make the most of it.  I love the color purple, Mexican food, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (or anything with raspberries), and being outdoors.  I have 2 beautiful, caring, cute, energetic and full of life boys who mean the world to me. I could not imagine not having either one of them as they are both unique in their own ways and bring so much to our family. My husband is my icing on the cake. Life would not be complete without such a caring and giving man in my life. He completes me and as we said when we got married, Love never ends. He truly is my sole mate. He is not only my husband, but best friend and has been my biggest supporter though my journey of photography. He is a hard worker and strives to be the best provider he can be for our family.

I am very active in our Church. My faith is an important part of who I am and how we are raising our two boys. It has helped us get through some tough times and I know it will be there to help me though more. I am currently helping out with our Children’s Church, I am an Awana’s leader, and attend a Woman’s Bible Study. I also enjoy volunteering in my oldest son’s classroom. I not only help out in the class but I also have been lucky to help her with projects outside of the class. I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger so I think this is helping me fill my bucket of being a teacher. As my husband likes to say, I like to help out and will take my sleep time to help volunteer and get my work done.

Besides my love for photography and my family, I have a few hobbies/likes:

~ Traveling and exploring new places

~ Scrapbooking

~ Talking walks

~ Baking

~ Volunteering

~ Reading

I dream one day of moving back out into the country with lots of land to explore and play on. Both my husband and I grew up out in the country and even though we don’t want to work on a farm we would love to live on one and have lots of space to play and enjoy nature. I want to re-learn how to play the piano and hopefully run a half marathon in the next couple years. I am always trying to improve on being a better Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend each and everyday through my journey with God.

With my love of Photography, I enjoy capturing those special memories through my lens. As a photographer I focus on capturing memories, moments and milestone that families and individuals can enjoy and pass on to future generations. I not only like to take traditional posed pictures, but I also like to get the fun playful pictures. I enjoy your ideals and poses while capturing your memories.  I strive to capture what you are looking for, whether it be the special moment of how small a newborn is, the special bond between a couple, or kids playing and having fun.

Meet my family. Eric my Husband and biggest supporter, Ethan my little artist and bug lover, and Jacob my little monkey. I am in a house full of boys but I love each and every moment of it.  Thanks to Katie @ Katie Brock Photography for our family photo.