Faceless Portrait

Faceless Portrait

I have joined a group of fellow Photographer Friends in a weekly Photo Blog Ring. So every Tuesday you will be able to follow along and see what fun topic we have chosen to shoot and blog about. This is a great way to keep shooting and also have others to help keep you motivated. So every Tuesday I will be posting a new blog post on a topic we’ve selected for the week.  I will also be linking to a different friend each week so you can also take a look at their post.  This is a fun way to not only see what I have posted but also my fellow Photographer friends.  I hope you enjoy this blog along with my other blog post.

This week we are doing Faceless Portrait.  This was a much harder topic than I would have expected.  How do I take a photo that resembles me but still is interesting and fun.

My Faceless Portrait has two of my favorites in it. I love the color purple and this is by far my favorite tank top. It has been winter here so I have been wearing it with something over it more than just by itself.  But I do love to wear a cute tank with a nice pair of jeans and some super cute shoes.  These shoes are probably one of my favorites I own.  I don’t wear them often enough since I am usually running after two boys but when I get a chance to put them on I sure do.  If you took a look into our shoe closest you would mostly find my shoes.  I have a love for shoes but I am a bargin shopper when it comes to them. I like my shoes but I won’t spend a fortune on them. Since I am the only girl in the house I am the one with the most shoes. My two little boys have a couple pairs of shoes each but nothing like my collection.  So here you have it.  This is my Faceless Portrait.

Now head over to my Fellow Friend Ally at Allyson Photography. Ally’s Faceless Portrait can be found on her BLOG.




  1. I almost wish this week’s topic wasn’t faceless self portrait, I want to see your purty face!

    • Sarah Edgar

      After I saw all the other post by all the beautiful women in our group I was like man I need to do a self portrait… Maybe I can do that one for my project 52 next week. 🙂

  2. Love this! What a fun faceless self portrait! Welcome to the group 🙂

  3. I think this is super fun and creative, Sarah!!! I should’ve done this with my obsession for shoes!! LOL!

  4. Welcome to the group 😀 I love shoes too, although I have found that since becoming a mother, I seem to own less :/

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