Favorite Summer Time Activity: Camping {Elk River, MN Photographer}

Favorite Summer Time Activity: Camping {Elk River, MN Photographer}

It’s Tuesday Blog Ring time. Welcome back to my regular readers and for those of you who are new, welcome. I am in a group of fellow photographer friends which we select a topic each week to blog about. You can travel around the world reading each one of our posts about the weekly topic and see everyone’s take on the topic.  This week we are blogging about, “Favorite Summer Time Activity.”

Summer time is one of my favorite times of the year.  I always loved it as a child as it brought lots of fun family times. One of my biggest memories of not only my Dad but also summers is Camping.  We are continuing on this fun time with our boys also.  It is fun to get away from our normal life and all the busy stuff that happens at home and enjoy nature. We don’t own a fancy camper or a cabin but we do love to tent camp.  It’s fun to plan the meals, pack up all the supplies etc that we need for the weekend and to drive away from home.  Once we get to our camp grounds it is time to set up camp.   This can sometimes be a challenge with two small boys as they are excited and want to start the fun camping activities.  But the tent and screen tent if we have brought one need to be set up.  Then we can all enjoy the camping fun.

This past time we went camping we actually rented a cute little cabin.  It was furnished with two bunk beds, twin over queen, a log furniture table, a chair, night stand, a ceiling fan and electricity.  No bathroom or kitchen but the bathroom with free hot showers was not too far away.  We love to cook over a camp fire or use our little camping grill.  Camping brings lots of fun family time and memories.  We usually go swimming at a beach or find a water-park to go play at.  This past time they had a water-park so we went and played in the water for most of the day.  Summer fun isn’t complete with out camping and spending lots of time with the family out in nature.  Rain doesn’t scare us away.  Just put everything away and head to the tent until it passes.  🙂  Here are a couple fun photos from our last camping trip.  Boys and trees and lots of dirt is how our camping trips go.  The boys had so much fun camping this time they didn’t want to leave.  I am sure we will try to sneak at least one more camping trip in to our summer.

Head on over to Tars’s Blog  from Tara Colburn Photography to find out her take on her Favorite Summer Activity. Stay tuned for next week.



  1. What a great idea! My kids LOVE campfires, roasting marshmallows, and general camping grunginess 🙂

  2. Love Camping! Cute photos 🙂

  3. aww look at that blond curly hair! It’s amazing!

  4. So cute!!! Serious memories being made right here!

  5. Nothing like camping in the summer!

  6. How cute are these guys!

  7. You are braver than me – I dread camping LOL! I know I say this every time, but your boys are adorable <3

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