Kelly Boys {Elk River & Austin MN area Photographer}

Kelly Boys {Elk River & Austin MN area Photographer}



I have had the privilege to take the Kelly boy’s photos for the past 2 years. I love being able to watch them grow up and see how much they have changed over the years.   Brayden just turned 5 and will be heading off to Kindergarten this fall while his younger brother Carter is 1.5.  The time goes so quickly.  I feel like I was just taking Carter’s newborn photos and now he is 1.5.  I love being able to capture some more nature smiles and looks.  They are a fun addition to any photo session.  Brayden had fun as I let him  help me pick out the backdrops we were going to use for his photos.  He also wanted to help pick what fun chair or prop he was going to get to sit on. I love allowing the kids to have some input in what we are going to use. It helps them get their creative thinking going and relaxes them.


I just love these two photos of the boys.  Nothing more natural then a photo saying are we done yet and they both had different ways of showing that they were done.  🙂

Thank  you Boys and Kelly family for allowing me to capture these special times in your lives.


  1. These two are so adorable! Cute photos!

  2. I have two boys myself and remember the “are we done yet?” moments well!

  3. Love these! You captured them well! The background is great too!

  4. Cute Pics Sarah!

  5. I love the pouty lip “are we done yet” face. Super cute!

  6. Great job on these. Love that old trunk..

  7. Cute spring studio pictures!

  8. These boys are gorgeous, Loving their blue eyes!

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