“Makes me want to freeze time” {Elk River, MN Photographer}

“Makes me want to freeze time” {Elk River, MN Photographer}


It’s Tuesday Blog Ring time. Welcome back to my regular readers and for those of you who are new, welcome. I am in a group of fellow photographer friends which we select a topic each week to blog about. You can travel around the world reading each one of our post about the weekly post and see each of our takes on the topic.  This week we are blogging about “Makes me want to freeze time.”

My group of fellow photographers is blogging about “Makes me want to freeze time.”  I loved this topic.  There was so many ideas I had but the best one came to me while we were out camping.  Growing up I never really understood when other Adults would tell me I was growing up way too fast.  Now I understand what they mean.  I can’t believe my oldest is already 6.  Where has that time gone.  Being the first born, you usually take a little longer to do things.  The second child and any that follow are usually faster.  This weekend I realized how fast my little guys were growing up.  Especially since we are diaper free in our house and my oldest surprised us.

This long weekend, my oldest, “E”, decided it was time to get rid of the training wheels on his bike.  I was a little nervous considering we left his helmet at home and I was the worried mom with him falling off and hitting his head.  Luckily there were no major falls and the helmet will be back on and taken with for sure.  It didn’t take much to get him off and going.  Thanks to a friend’s child, he helped “E” out in the beginning and the rest was history.  Now he is ready to move onto a little bigger bike.  He can start, stop, make turns and ride for a while.  He learned on a gravel road and I can’t wait to see how much better he can ride on the sidewalk back home.  So now he can get his big boy bike.  Time to start looking at a bigger bike for my ever tall little man.  I can’t wait to go on a bike ride now and have him be able to ride along.  No more pulling him along.  🙂

It’s each one of these little milestones in my boy’s lives that really makes me want to freeze time and keep them little.  I really can’t believe how fast they do grow up.  I feel like I was just finding out I was pregnant with “E” and now he is 6, can ride a bike with no help, and even is just about to finish kindergarten. And “J” is growing up much faster than “E”.  It’s like time is moving faster and faster as the years go on.  I am thankful I am home with these two and am able to raise them and spend my days with them.  They truly are a little miracle and a huge blessing to me.

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  1. Thank goodness we have our cameras so we CAN freeze time. Mine are growing up too fast also, I’m going to miss these days!

  2. Time certainly does go by way too fast!

  3. this is a great post….it’s what photography is all about, freezing moments in time


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