Project 52: Week 1: Sleeping boys

Project 52: Week 1: Sleeping boys

A sleeping child to me is precious.  There is something so special about them all innocent while they are fast asleep. The faces they make, talking in their sleep, the movements they make and everything else they do while sleeping.  I am home with my youngest during the day so I get lots of cuddles from him. I have always used nap time as a time to spend a few extra minutes/sometimes hours with my little ones. I love to cuddle and yes I am going to admit it I will let my youngest fall asleep in my arms during nap time.  I miss him being a tiny baby and any and all cuddles I get from him I am cherishing as I know that they could stop at any point.  All though my oldest at 5 1/2 still loves to cuddle with me.

I am generally home at night for bed time routines as this is one of my favorite times with my boys. We have fun bath times, reading stories, saying prayers, hearing especially my oldest talk to me about little things going on in his life, and many, many more fun things we do.  After I tuck them into bed I usually stay up for a while and have some me time which I do a number of things; pick up from the day, do a little work, read a book, work on my bible study, watch a movie, spend time with my hubby or many other things a mom needs to get done.  Once I am ready to head to bed I go into each of my boy’s bedrooms and check in on them. I watch them peacefully sleep, give them a kiss, tell them I love them, and say a little prayer over my sleeping angles.  Oh yes I also like to take photos of my sleeping babies.  It might not be with my camera but on my phone which doesn’t take the best of photos but I love to see them at different stages in their lives sleeping.

Above is my “E”. One of his favorite colors is green. He loves to sleep on his frog pillow pet and with his Yoda blanket he got for Christmas. His bed is usually covered with stuffed animals and if we would let him you would hardly be able to see him as he would be covered head to toe with his stuffed animals.  This iguana is one of his favorites. I love his hands as they are such a useful part of our bodies. He loves to draw and create projects and his hands allow him to do those things.

My youngest “J” is such a ham.  He is full of energy and loves to cuddle.  Lately “J” has been trying to not take a nap during the day. I still think he needs one as if he doesn’t he becomes a little bear.  So we have quiet time on the days he is going full force. Sometimes during this time he will stay awake and others he ends up falling asleep. I love how he can just lay down and fall asleep no matter where he is at. It might take him a while but he will. This day he just laid down on the living room floor with his blanket and his “bubba”.His security is his belly button, which from the start he called “bubba”.  There are days for nap time he goes to his big boy bed or we rock to sleep and other days we sit and watch his favorite show and the next thing I know I have a precious little boy sleeping in my arms. His feet are very important to him as he is one active little boy, always on the go and exploring new things.

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