Project 52: Week 13: Chef “J” Cooking with Dad

Project 52: Week 13: Chef “J” Cooking with Dad

What little boy doesn’t like to pretend to be a chef? I know both my boys do.  “J” was excited to cook with Dad. I usually do most of the cooking but dad will do it once in a while. “J” really wanted to help Dad cook this night and Dad was all for a little helper.  “J” was even calling himself Chef “J”, and he had to help with each step. He didn’t want to be left out. It is so fun to watch the boy interact and be right with us when we are doing what we consider everyday items. If there is one thing I can help my boys learn, that would be to do all the normal house hold chores. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, and fix it up things around the house can be done by both Boys and Girls. I would love for my boys to not have to move out and live on frozen pizza and Mac N Cheese, although I am sure they would enjoy eating those everyday.

Dad and “J” cooking our pasta dinner. “J” loves to help stir the noodles but won’t get to close to the stove as it is hot and he doesn’t want to get burned. They make a mean Spaghetti. One of my husbands favorite meals and I think he has both boys convinced that spaghetti and noodles are an everyday meal.  They are always asking for noodles.  🙂

“J” was trying to cool off the noodles here so he could try one to make sure they were soft. He even was blowing on the boiling pot of noodles.  Dad was nice and cooled one off so he could try it. He thought that was the best part of cooking.  Getting to try it before anyone else did.

And we are a family who mixes the noodles, sauce and meat.  The only way we usually eat it. We do like to mix it up and do a turkey sausage instead of hamburger or turkey burger and we have also used a nice tomato basil fettuccine sauce also. A meal that everyone loves yet you can change it up to make it seem different.  Add a salad on the side with some bread and you have a yummy meal.

Stay tuned for week 14… hope you are enjoying my journey for the year.


  1. What a cutie! Love the look on his face while helping his dad…precious!

  2. Such a sweet memory you captured! I love the way he his helping dad fix dinner!

  3. Love his blond curls! Fun memory to capture!

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