Project 52: Week 3: Puppy Love

Project 52: Week 3: Puppy Love

Who doesn’t love their puppy?  From babies on, both of our boys have loved Dodge, or as they call him Dodger or Dodgie.  Dodge is 7 years old and is a very active Dog. I would have thought that after this long he would have settled down.  He  likes to bark at everything that comes near our house, which is a good and a bad thing.  But he is good with the boys. I don’t know what the boys would do with out their puppy. They love to take his toy and run around the house and have Dodge run after them. They hide his favorite toy and they try to get Dodge to find it.  They love to play catch and both boys at a young age tried to ride him.

Dodge likes to sleep and his favorite spot is either in the sun coming in the house or in my husband’s office. When he is sleeping he doesn’t like to be bothered. He must need his beauty sleep.  🙂  We don’t allow Dodge to give the kids kisses on the face but J likes to get nice and close. He was trying to give Dodge noseies in this picture.  E on the other hand is like me and doesn’t like the wet sloppy kisses and would rather cuddle with Dodge.  I grew up out on a farm and we never had dogs in the house so when we got him and he had to be inside all the time it was a big adjustment. I love having him around but I find myself cleaning the floors more as I don’t like the dog hair, which is also the reason we don’t have any cats.  So here is Dodge and our boys loving on him. I don’t look forward to the day something happens to him and we have to explain that to the boys.

Stay tuned for week 4. Hope you are enjoying my journey for the year.

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