Project 52: Week 4: Grandma and her Boy’s

Project 52: Week 4: Grandma and her Boy’s

Who doesn’t love to go to Grandma’s house? I know my boys do.  Grandmas house is always fun with something exciting to find or explore. Playing with toys I grew up with or toys my Dad had picked up for our younger cousins when they came over is always fun.  I really miss the thought of my Dad being here with all his grand-kids  He loved all the younger cousins we had and had a special spot in his heart for them. I can only imagine all the fun times the boys would have with their Grandpa Tim. They haven’t met him but “E” sure knows a lot about his Grandpa. We talk about him and share all the good times we had growing up. “There’s no place like home except for Grandma’s.”  ~Unknown

I love getting photos of the boys and their grandparents. Here is my Mom with the boys. Grandma is a crafty person and loves to sew. Here the boys are helping her sew. As much as she sews you think it would have rubbed off on me but I have no desire to sew (or at least not yet).  Grandma has made quilts for the boys, blankets, hooded towels, and helped me with many of fun projects. I love having a mom who can sew and make fun things not only for me but for the boys. Grandma is always working on a new project.  Thanks Grandma for all your help with our projects.

Thanks for following along with me.  Stayed tuned for week 5…


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