Project 52: Week 5: Fun in the Snow.

Project 52: Week 5: Fun in the Snow.

What kid doesn’t love to go out and play in some fresh snow?  My boys love to be outside and it can get tricky in the Winter here in MN.  We can get some really cold temperatures which makes playing outside not to much fun. No matter how much you bundle up you get cold. We ended up getting some new fresh Snow on Sunday but two of us were sick over the weekend so we stayed inside.  This broke “E” and “J” hearts but I wasn’t going to take them out when they were just starting to feel better.

Above I caught “E” looking outside at all the snow coming down. He was bummed we weren’t going outside since he had not been feeling good the day before.  Sunday was a day for him to rest before having to go back to School Monday. Monday after school we went out and played in the snow. What a fun time we had.

The boys were able to play with the snow markers for the first time since Christmas. We haven’t had much snow since then and they really enjoyed marking up the snow. What a fun way to play in the snow. I even caught my husband drawing with them.  🙂

A snow outing can’t be complete without sledding. This is the first year “J” has actually been big enough to go down by his self and he loved it. Both boys couldn’t get in enough times down the hill.  I just love their big smiles as they were riding down the hill.

We ended up going down the hill so much the plastic ring one broke. So Dad got out the sled we normally pull behind the snowmobile for both the boys to ride. I think they enjoyed riding together with a few arguments on who got to ride on the front. Dodge liked to chase the boys down the hill and see who could get to the bottom first. He even tried to run in front of the sled a couple times.  Silly puppy.

These two really love each other and can be the best-est friends but yet get under each others skin too.  I love seeing them play and interact with each other so well.  The big smiles on both of their faces makes my heart melt. These are sure moments I will cherish for years to come.

Thanks for following along on my project.  Stayed tuned for week 6…..


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