Project 52: Week 6: All Bugs.

Project 52: Week 6: All Bugs.

Creative play is like a spring that bubbles up from deep within a child.  ~Joan Almon

“E” is into everything a little boy should be. He loves bugs, insects and anything that crawls, walks or flies.  During summer time he is always wanting to go outside to hunt for bugs. We always find containers with bugs or insects in them. What do you get a little boy who ask for bugs for Christmas? We are in usually covered in snow and pretty cold in December so going outside to hunt for bugs is not much of an option. We have a ton of plastic bugs as he loves those. So I had to get creative. I remembered as a child we received a “Creepy Crawler” Bug machine. So I thought hey what little bug man wouldn’t enjoy making and designing his own bugs.

“E” gets to pick the mold, choose what colors to make each and every bug. What a fun activity for him. We have made lots of different bugs since he got this. He even likes to share with his brother (which we have to help him) and all his friends/cousins that come over.  After he fills up the mold he gets to bake it in his own little bug oven.

“E’ likes to be in charge with all the steps. He places the mold in the oven, locks it, and turns it on. He then sets his timer for 15 minutes. After the timer goes off he shuts the oven off and re-sets the timer for 20 more minutes to let it cool. After those 20 minutes go by he can take his newly baked bugs out of the oven. We take them out of the mold and they are ready to play.  I am always finding a bug laying around in the house somewhere. Most of the time I don’t get too scared as I know we have lots of pretend bugs.  Here is my “E” and his love for bugs.

Stayed tuned for what fun we can have on Week 7….

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