Project 52: Week 7: Little Cowboy{Elk River, MN Photographer}

Project 52: Week 7: Little Cowboy{Elk River, MN Photographer}


I can proudly say I have a little Cowboy at heart. No we don’t live on a farm, or see farm animals on a regular basis but my youngest “J” sure loves dressing up like a cowboy.  His two favorite animals are a horse with a close second being a cow. We have a collection of toy horses as we do not live where we can have a real one. They are played with on a daily basis and one usually goes with us if we leave the house.  I think “J” would be in heaven if we moved out to a farm where we could have a horse or two.  I can say I would be too.  I love horse and I always wanted one growing up. They are fun to ride and I am sure we would enjoy having them around.

When getting read for the day, “J” really wanted to wear his farmer pants. We even had to find “Mom’s” cowgirl hat so he could wear it. He loves my hat over the hat we have for the boys. I just love these little overalls. His smile here is to die for. He is such a happy little boy and loves to have fun. “J” even wanted to go out to try to find a horse. I think he though he was really going to get to ride one if we found one on our errands. His love for horses is amazing. He gets so excited when he sees them but yet he is a little on the scared side as they are a big animal in person.

“J” little smile just melts my heart. I am so thankful I am home with him and we get to spend the day together having fun, being silly, and making memories. We don’t leave the house too often without his cowboy boots. If it has snowed a lot I can usually get him to wear his snow-boots but other than that he usually has his cowboy boots on. Both “E” and “J” have been caught wearing them with shorts. Yep I am one of those moms.  My husband was afraid they wouldn’t wear the boots but that is far from the truth. I think both boys will probably wear them out and then we will have to get some new ones.  As for “J” cute overalls and shirt, well I might have to convince Grandma to make him a new pair. What little boy doesn’t like to pretend to be a cowboy?  I know “J” does.



Week 8 is right around the corner. Hope you are enjoying my Project 52.


  1. I love your detail shots. The tractor patches are adorable!

  2. That is *the* cutest little cowboy EVER!

  3. Little cowboys are the cutest!

  4. He’s so adorable! I love those sweet moments!

    • Sarah Edgar

      Thank you Sarah. I love capturing the simple things in life. It is so easy to get caught up with the everyday things we do. 🙂

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