Reaching Goals: One Step at a time {Elk River, MN Photographer}

Reaching Goals: One Step at a time {Elk River, MN Photographer}

Do you set goals each year that you think well I might reach this one? Do you have goals that you have had on your goal list for a couple years?  2013 came with me setting both Personal and Business Goals.  I didn’t set just a few but I had big dreams and goals in mind for this year.  Yes, some of them were placed on my goal list as: “well if I get to them then I get to them, if not then, well, maybe next year”.  One goal of mine that really started to hit me hard was eating healthy and exercising more.  This also tied in with running my first Half Marathon.  I hate to admit it but getting healthy wasn’t a very high goal for many years.

So February came and I started to set the alarm to wake up before the boys were up so I could head downstairs and rock out to some p90X.  I did this for two months and I felt like I wasn’t seeing much change for my body.  So I ordered Beach Body’s Hip Hop Abs to add to my routine of P90X.  I started to see a little change but nothing I was too excited about.  This whole time my treadmill was staring at me, asking to be used again. Yes I am a runner and I love the feeling I get after running.  But I hadn’t been running much since the prior year.  So I added running a couple days to my exercise.  This kicked my body into a new gear and I was starting to see results.  Also at this same time my husband and I decided to join a Beach Body challenge with some friends.  Over 90 days we were committing to eating healthy and exercising regularly.  This also lead us into a new program.  This time I wanted to focus on my legs and bum bum.  So a friend suggested Brazil Butt Lift, another Beach Body program.  So we stopped P90X and Hip Hop Abs and for the next 30 days my husband and I got up and danced away to Brazil Butt Lift. I was amazed after 30 days of what my body was doing.  I was loosing pounds and I was also seeing inches coming off.  I do have to add that along with Brazil Butt Lift I was running 3-4 days a week.

Then a crazy idea came into my head and I decided that since I was enjoying running so much that I was going to sign up for my first half marathon and I was going to start the training.  Luckily by this time I was already running 5-6 miles and felt comfortable with that.  I was scared to make the commitment to run my first half Marathon, but I hit the summit button and I was registered.  So then I increased my running.  I was running 5 days a week with doing Brazil Butt Lift 6 days a week.  The first month of our challenge ended and we were ready for a new program.  Or my husband was.  He wasn’t into all the dancing moves so with a suggestion from a friend/fellow beach body coach we ordered him Combat.  At first I was like I don’t want to kick and punch to get my exercise in.  But after trying the program with him a couple times I fell in love.  So for the last two months of the challenge I had continued to run 5 days a week and we finished up Combat.  My running increased weekly with doing my nice long runs on Sunday Morning.  There is nothing more enjoyable than finishing 12 miles on a Sunday Morning then having the rest of the day to enjoy. Yes I wake up to an alarm clock every day even though I stay home with my two boys. 5:30 my alarm goes off and I get up and get my butt moving.  Without my dedication I don’t think I would be where I am today.

So I not only have made exercise a huge part of my life but eating healthy also.  Yes I have had lots of struggles along my journey.  Yes I have had people question and tell me I need to stop what I am doing.  I have been told I don’t need to loose anymore weight and that I actually need to put on more.  I have also had people not understand when I say I can’t eat a certain food.  But for me I know where my temptations are and it’s better for me to skip it then to mess up where I am going.  But I am feeling the best I have felt in a long time.  I did this all by exercising and making healthier choices for not only myself but for our family.  No fancy diet or expensive gym membership was needed.  I love trying out new healthy recipes for the family and they are usually good with accepting them, as along as it is good.  I also enjoy a shake daily with Shakeology protein powder in it.  Chocolate and vanilla are my favorites with some added banana, strawberries or raspberries and spinach.  If there is ever a day I don’t have my shake I can definitely tell.  It gives me energy, has lots of healthy nutrients in it and makes me feel good all around.

So now for me to share something I am scared to share but I know and hope it will help inspire you.  I am typing this and am scared but hopefully nothing but good will come out of it.  My highest weight 207 pounds, yes I did weight over 200 pounds as it is easier to hide it when you are tall (and no this wasn’t being pregnant), and wearing the biggest pants size of 16.  (yikes I really did just type that)  I am so excited to share that this year alone I have lost over 50 pounds.  Within the last three months and during my Challenge I joined I lost 21 pounds and 28 inches from all over my body.  I went from wearing L/XL shirts and size 16 pants to having to purchase S/M shirts and size 3/4 pants.  If you don’t know me well I have a hard time spending money on clothes for myself.  Yes I like to look nice but I run as far away from clothing stores as I can.  They cost so much but yet we need them, but after a good friend mentioned to me that “Girl you need to buy some new pants”, which I knew just kept putting off, I went out and did it. Which this was a huge surprise for me.  I can’t shop for clothes for myself with kids so I was able to go out yesterday by myself.  I told the lady up front that I wasn’t sure what size I needed but I guessed and apologized up front that I might need different sizes once I tried them on. From the pants I was wearing in Church a week ago I went down 4 sizes.  So yes my friend was right that I needed some new pants and I am glad she said something because I probably would have put off buying some new pants still today.

Has this journey been easy? No.  Is it over?  No.  I am still training for my first half marathon, which is in 23 more days.  And I look forward to exercise daily. Will I be doing as much as I have been doing?  I can’t really say that.  But I do know that I am going to continue to eat healthy and hope that my body keeps shaping and building up muscles. I can only hope that by me sharing all this personal information I have or will help you to make some life changes and become healthier.  If you are looking for an exercise program you can do at home I would love to help find one that will work for you. (Beach Body workout programs) If you know someone that could benefit from me helping/ coaching/ or joining a challenge group send them my way.  I would love to help others join me in my success story.  Eating healthy, exercising and running my first half marathon were placed on my goals and will all be achieve this year.  I was crazy enough to believe in myself that the first half will be amazing that I signed up for a second one yet this year.  I would love to help you achieve your goals and dreams.  Send me a message and I would love to talk.

Was this just about weight loss for me?  NO.  I actually gained a whole lot more from it. During my pregnancy with my first son I started to experience some knee pain. Pain and pressure would build up anytime I knelled on my knee.  My hips started to act up and would pop out of the sockets while I was walking. I also was having some sharp pain in my back from time to time. So starting to exercise everyday and running scared me.  I was afraid of all this pain getting worse. But the exact opposite happened.  It has been months since I have experienced any knee, hip or back pain. Removing all the excess weight and gaining muscles have helped me become stronger and enjoy no more pain.

Thanks for allowing me to share part of my personal life and my journey to a new me.  Hopefully I have been an inspiration to you and can help you start a new journey.


  1. Megan

    Congrats to you not only on your weight loss, but also on feeling better. I’m terrible at sticking to exercise routines, but really should start to make an attempt at getting healthier. I want to be the best I can for my husband and kids. If you could only suggest one program to use, which would you suggest?

    • Sarah Edgar

      I would suggest the newest program T25. It is 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I have tried it and I love it. It is on my list of programs to pick up. Which it is on-sale again this month. Here is more information on the programs and shakeology. () If you have any questions shoot me an email. I would love to talk to you more. 🙂

  2. You look great Sarah! I just started going to group exercise classes at gym and I started feeling a whole lot better. I also want to drop my baby fat and be more healthy. Keep fit and healthy is definitely a long-term goal. Keep it up!

  3. Good for you on this endeavor! Happy health to you.

  4. This is soooo awesome and inspiring!! Great job and keep up the great work. I need to set some goals for myself now 🙂

  5. Congrats! Happy health and keep up the great work!! You must feel proud to accomplish your goal!

  6. Wow! Congrats on your weight loss journey!

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