The Color Yellow-Blog Circle {Elk River, MN Photographer}

The Color Yellow-Blog Circle {Elk River, MN Photographer}

It’s Tuesday Blog Ring time. Welcome back to my regular readers and for those of you who are new, welcome. I am in a group of fellow photographer friends which we select a topic each week to blog about. You can travel around the world reading each one of our posts about the weekly topic and see everyone’s take on the topic.  This week we are blogging about, “The Color Yellow.”

The Color Yellow came with lots of ideas.  I had to decide which one I though would be fun and something different.  Since it is Summer time here in Minnesota I thought I could go out to my front yard and shoot some of my beautiful yellow flowers.  But then I thought to myself well those would just be a picture of a flower with not much to really say.  So I kept thinking.  The boys play with lots of trucks and we have a huge dump truck that both boys love and another smaller one that dumps and talks.  This was almost my picture until I remember what happened last week.  I asked my hubby to do the grocery shopping.  I do this almost every week and decided that if he would take up the chore of going out I would really like it.  So I had the list and he went on his way.  It wasn’t a big list or a list with new or weird items on it.  (With us trying new recipes and our eating healthier we come across this often, but not this week.)  So the next morning he told me we picked up a watermelon but he needed to take it back.  He didn’t realize that there was a soft/bad spot on the watermelon and that is why it was probably one of the last three left.

Well I was in the middle of making dinner one night, grilling out and watermelon sounds good and would go along with our dinner.  I asked him if he would go get a new one quickly since dinner wasn’t far from being done. He headed out and came back with a nice big one. Since I was finishing up the last parts of dinner I asked him if he would help cut at least part of it so that we could eat it with dinner.  I think he was wanting me to cut it.  But he did.  He sliced it in half and then said to me, “This one look better?”  I looked over at him and to my surprise it was Yellow.  I was like what?!  That is not ripe.  You need to go get a new one.  He started to laugh at me.  To my surprise he picked up a yellow meat watermelon and took the sticker off and was hoping I would cut it.  So it wasn’t spoiled but it was actually supposed to be this way.  They are a nice sweet and juicy watermelon.  The kids loved it and thought it was the greatest thing.  Not that they don’t love eating the red watermelons.  So he got me.  We enjoyed our yellow watermelon and he enjoyed telling people he tricked me by getting that one.  If you haven’t tried a yellow meat watermelon I suggest you do especially if you have kids.  They will love it and think it is the coolest thing.

Head on over to Karen’s Blog  from Karen Cooley Photography to find out her take on her The Color Yellow. Stay tuned for next week.


  1. How special! I have never seen a yellow watermelon and what a thoughtful treat for your husband to bring one back for you to photograph for yellow day and also to eat!

  2. What fun! Love the color!

  3. Yum! Yellow watermelon is one of my favorites. The only trouble is, my kids won’t eat it! Silly kiddos!

  4. love and looks delish!

  5. Oh wow, I have never seen that before! It looks awesome!

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