The Color Red : {Elk River, MN Photographer}

The Color Red : {Elk River, MN Photographer}



We have taken a few weeks off due to some very busy schedules but we are back at it.  This weeks topic is The Color Red.  When I heard this topic my brain starting thinking.  What could I do that was fun.  My first two thoughts were watermelon cut up and/or Strawberries.  Two fruits I love to enjoy during the fun summer months.  Then I starting thinking what could I do that was unique with these two fruits….  A bite out of a strawberry, strawberries in a shape of a heart…. or many other ideas.  Well thinking of the strawberries in a shape of a heart got me thinking about using something else.

The Color red was a fun topic.  Today my Husband and I are celebrating our 8th wedding Anniversary.  I can’t believe that it has been 8 years already as it feels like it was just yesterday.  I love this time of year as it is just starting to get warm out, which is why I chose a May wedding.  I never  would have imagined I could almost end up with an anniversary baby.  Our first born child “E” was not due until May 28th and everyone said oh you will go over.  Nope both boys came exactly  8 days early.  “E” however I had no idea it was going to happen that day but once I knew I was in labor I said I was going to have him on the 20th and not let him be an anniversary baby.  All the nurses told me he wasn’t going to come that night and I ended up having him a few hours after going in.

So with all this fun and a Birthday and Anniversary this time of year I thought about something that means a lot to me.  Since today is my Anniversary, and I had a bouquet of Red Roses with White Tuberose and a white tipped rose in the center would make a wonderful photo for my color red topic.  The bouquet was like a ball of roses with the little tuberoses in there.  I loved the touch of white to help break up the red roses. The white tipped rose was was for my Dad. I had lost my Dad at the age of 19 and my dream once he got sick was for him to walk me down the isle. So this was one of the many ways I showed my love for him knowing he was there with me.  I actually had my bouquet freeze dried that day of the wedding and I am happy I did.  The colors are not the exact same, and at times they look fake as they have been painted to look like my flowers.  But I am happy I have them in a bouquet and they remind me of my wedding day every time I see them.  This is my take on the Color Red.  🙂  Hope you enjoyed reading my little story.

Happy Anniversary to the greatest man I know. He is not only my Husband, but the love of my life, best friend, and my biggest supporter.  He is there when I need someone and no matter what we stick to our vows. Our rings were engraved with LOVE NEVER ENDS, and no matter what we are here until the end. We have  some struggles but we find ways to make it though them. Thanks for being the greatest man I know and for loving me. Without you I would not have the two wonderful boys we have. You are an amazing husband and a very good supporter to our family.  I love you more than you will ever know honey.

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  1. Wow! I can’t believe how beautiful your bouquet still is! 🙂

  2. jenn

    Congrats! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Wish I had done that with my flowers!

  4. That’s amazing how great your flowers still look, touching story behind them as well.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I wish you many more to come

  6. Absolutely awesome image for this weeks topic – happy anniversary and I am I love the small ways you remember your dad x

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