April Snow Showers: Week 17 {Elk River, MN area photographer}

April Snow Showers: Week 17 {Elk River, MN area photographer}



This April has brought more snow showers than rain.  As many years as I have lived in MN, I don’t remember getting this much snow in April.  The good thing is that this storm happened on Thursday and it was almost all melted by Saturday.  We had over a foot fall that night. We also had another 3 inches Monday night which by early Tuesday morning it had almost all melted.  The good thing with Spring snow showers it usually melts fast. I was happy that I didn’t have to shovel on Tuesday as it all melted on the driveway and sidewalk as it hit.

I am not usually in many photos of our family fun times.  My husband doesn’t really like to go out and play in the snow, build snowmen or forts, and sled.  If he can go out and ride the snowmobile he is all for that.  But our sleds sit in storage as we have summarized them and most if not all of the trails have closed.  So no fun for him in the snow.  But that allowed for him to help capture a few images of me with the boys playing.  I am such a kid at heart and I love to get down and play.  I don’t mind the snow and I love to get out and play.

This snow fall was a heavy wet one which was nice for building snowmen.  “E” wanted to build a big snowman so I said OK.  As I was working on the very large bottom ball for the snowman I had “E” working on the middle one and “J” was trying to help with the head.  It was a lot of fun to get them out there creating a snowman.  “J” never really lasts very long out in the snow.  He get’s tried of having gloves on and takes them off and then his hands get cold.  So “E” and I were up to the task.  After we had the giant snowman almost done “E” said I want to make a family of snowmen.  YIKES..  I was already tired from rolling the bottom one and helping with the middle one.  Picking up the middle one was tough. It was quite heavy but I got it up on the bottom one.  Tongue Out  So I told him if we were going to make a family I needed him to help make the smaller ones.  So he did.  He was a great helper.



The boy’s helping roll out the snow balls for the snowmen.  They were big helpers.  🙂


Putting the giant snowman together. I didn’t think I was going to be able to lift the middle part but I did it.  Guess all my weight lifting is paying off.  I love that Eric captured me trying to get it up on the bottom.  “J” was right there to help me.  He had a lot of fun helping put them together.


I just love this photo of “J” trying to carry his snowball.  He was so fun to watch trying to roll the snowballs around to make them bigger.


Here is our finished snowman family.  Instead of decorating them with carrots, buttons, scarfs etc, “E” wanted to use our snow color.  It was fun to see how his little mind worked and how he wanted to decorate them all.  The day light had pretty much gone away so we were trying to finish before we couldn’t take a final photo.  We even made a dog. Can’t forget Dodge.  This will be a day I know I will remember for years to come.  It was so fun and I am glad I asked my hubby to take some photos of the boys and I, playing in the last (hopefully) snowfall of the year.

Well that was week 17 and now onto figuring out what fun we can share for week 18. Yikes it’s almost May.


  1. Love these photos!

  2. Oh my!! Kinda jealous and kinda not!! lol. It’s 80 degrees here this week in NC but I am from NY so I LOVE snow!!! (just not driving in it!) 😉

  3. These are awesome! Really love the little guys handling the BIG snowball…to cute!

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