Week: 20: Big Birthday Surprise {Elk River, MN Photographer}

Week: 20: Big Birthday Surprise {Elk River, MN Photographer}



I love celebrating birthday’s in our family and we always save the gifts we are giving the boys for on their actual birthday.  This year “E” was told that there was no gifts besides his brother had one for him.  Mom had something else for surprise for him.  He had been asking me for the past couple years to change up his room.  When it was time to move him out of the nursery and into a big boy bed, I thought hey what little boy wouldn’t like sports.  So I decorated his room with a sports theme.  It was really cute yet he could grow up with it also.  Time only would tell that this didn’t fit “E” at all.  As of right now he really doesn’t have much interest in most sports.  He loves to go outside and play but no real sports.  This summer so far it has been fun for him to ride his bike since he just learned how to ride without the training wheels.

So “E’s” real birthday was on a Monday.  I had put both the boys to bed and decided to do something a little fun for when he woke up.   I took streamers and lined his door and placed balloons in behind them so when he opened his door all the balloons would fall out on him.  I missed him opening the door but I caught him throwing the balloons out of his room.  He made a little hole at the bottom and crawled out through that.  He wanted to keep them up.  Smile  This was a fun start to his big birthday surprise.

Next for his birthday surprise I had a fun breakfast planned for him.  I thought about going to the bakery and getting him a huge donuts but then I remembered he loved pancakes and had been asking for me to make them for a while.  So I made him a stack of 6 large pancakes topped with chocolate chips.  His favorite.  This was all placed on the birthday plate we made.  We topped it with a green candle and sang Happy Birthday to him.  He was on cloud 9.

Next it was time to send him off to School for the day.  I was kind of sad as I would have loved to have spent the day with him celebrating him turning 6 but I had a couple surprises I had to work on during the day for his big birthday surprise.  Thanks to my husband he told this photo of “E” and I.  I am not usually in pictures so I was excited to get one.  I didn’t tell “E” but I actually sent him to school with an empty lunch box.  I wanted to surprise him with a visit from the three of us for his birthday.  We picked up one of his favorites and took it to him.  We hid and watched him open his lunch to an empty box and a shocked look on his face.  He was happy to see us for Lunch at school on his birthday.  I also took mini ice cream cones in to his class later in the day.  All the kids loved them.  During all my runs to the school, I re-did “E’s” bedroom.  This also involved a trip to the store to finish getting the rest of the items I was missing.  “E” had no idea I was going to be doing this.  I wrapped his door in wrapping paper and gave him a birthday balloon. He loved it. It was a Big Birthday Surprise and he didn’t know what was on the inside.

So I transformed his room from the sports theme to Star Wars for his big surprise.  He has a fun set of star wars sheets, a nice quilt and a decorative pillow for his bed.  Yoda was an extra special item that I saw and knew he would love.  One of his favorite characters is Yoda.  I found him a moon that goes through all the stages of the moon that we could hang on the wall.  He though this was pretty cool.  Instead of buying some fancy and expensive store bought star wars wall decoration, I took his photos I took of him in his three star wars costumes and created one that says Star Wars and had them printed up.  I am in love with how they look in his room.  Not only are they a fun unique way to add to the room theme but they are pictures of him.  The R2D2 laundry hamper was added to his room from his birthday party.  It was no longer part of a bean bag toss but a place he could put his dirty laundry.  I took and added a few wall decals of Star Wars on one of his walls.  Just to add a little touch of Star Wars.

He was one excited little boy to see what was behind his doors.  I am not sure if he liked the moon or the Yoda pillow.  It was a bedroom he had dreamed about and asked me for 2 years and he got it on his 6th birthday.

Here is a close up of the canvas’s I had made of his Star wars pictures we took.  🙂

So “E’s” Big Birthday Surprise was a big hit.  He loved his new room and I really hope he likes it for years to come.  At least the quilt can be turned upside down to a plain side.  🙂  He is my little Star wars lover and I am having to learn more and more about Star Wars.  Being the only girl in the house I have learned that a lot of the boy things I need to learn or gain an interest in.

Thank you for following along. Stay tuned for another one coming this week.


  1. What a special day for him! Great job! 🙂

  2. Great job! love all the details.

  3. LOVE his room! I am a HUGE star wars fan!

  4. I bet he was SO thrilled!!! Love the balloon/birthday door, how fun 🙂

  5. wow!! love the balloons and your canvases

  6. LOVE his bedroom and his canvases! How awesome!

  7. LOVE the balloon in the door idea, that’s awesome. What a great way for him to start his day! Cute pictures!

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