Week 19:  Star Wars Birthday Celebration {Elk River, MN Photographer}

Week 19: Star Wars Birthday Celebration {Elk River, MN Photographer}

Well I have been a little busy and I fell behind on my blogging.  I am trying to get caught up.  I have all my images ready I just need to sit down and write it out.  Project 52:  Week 19 I decided to do Birthday Celebration.  I am a huge fan of birthdays and I like to make them fun and special for my boys.  I put a lot of thought into each one.  It is a lot of fun to see the boy’s reaction the morning they wake up of their party.  This year “E” was so excited it was like it was Christmas morning.  Once he came down stairs he was so excited and bouncing off the walls at all the fun Birthday decorations/ideas I had.

I like to start on Pinterest and the internet.  Once the boy’s figure out what theme birthday they want I start to get to work.  “E” is into Star Wars so I was excited when he picked a Star Wars birthday.  A few months ago he was thinking of having a paper airplane party. I am a little happy to say I was glad when he changed it. Not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed the paper airplane one but there were many more ideas in my head for star wars.


Every year I have made them a birthday banner.  I take a photo from each month from the last year and create the birthday banner.  This is a fun way to have photos of them up and have a fun birthday decoration.  I try to add part of the theme in with it.  So I have Yoda on each Letter of Happy Birthday.   “E” had also been asking to take the sports theme out of his room and make it into Star wars and bugs.  I wasn’t sure I could do both but that is where this R2D2 laundry hamper came into play.  I took a black trash can and designed it into a fun R2D2 laundry hamper for “E'” bedroom.  We used it at his birthday party for a fun bean bag toss. The kids loved it and now it adds a nice touch to his bedroom.

Next came the invites.  I found “E” some fun star wars costumes, we already had Yoda as that is what he was for Halloween last year.  I loved doing theme photo sessions with him as he loves to be creative and help me.  I had two uses for these pictures.  They not only were going to be used for his invites but we also used them for a surprise for “E’ on his real birthday.  We have a big family/set of close friends so we have to separate the friends birthday party from the family.  I wanted to create something fun for him to give out to his friends so I made light saber invites.  This was a fun project.  When I first started to cut them out I thought to my self, oh my what did I get myself into but once I did a couple it went pretty fast.  Needless to say the kids loved them and so did “E”.  I used the 3 fun pictures we took of “E” and created a fun Star wars looking invite for the family.

The next big project is the cake.  I am not one to go to the store and buy a cake.  I enjoy creating a cake that is fun and fits the birthday party.  I like to look at other ideas from other people and design my own from there.  With two birthday parties, I have decided that the friends get cupcakes and the big fun cake is for the family.  After lots of thought and designing I cake up with the light saber cupcakes for his friends and a cute star wars cake decked out with stars and star wars figures.  I was thinking about doing a 3D Yoda but I wasn’t quite sure how that would come out.  “E” loved both the cupcakes and cake.  Especially the toys that were his after the cake was done.

I also created a background to look like the galaxy with lots of stars.  I was able to use this to put the kids on so I can get a fun picture of them all together.  I wish I had it wider but it worked.  And “E” though it was a fun addition to his party.  I also created, as a goody to send home with the kids, light sabers.  With his friends, we did a little light saber training.  The kids enjoyed watching “E’s” Dad show them some fun moves.  It was a fun little Star wars treat to send home that wasn’t just a bag full of candy and they were a huge hit with most of the kids.


Now onto the food.  I love to provide some yummy food at our parties.  I did some research on Star wars names, descriptions etc that I could use for the foods.  This was a fun addition to the food.  I made Wookie Water, Yoda Soda, Meteor Balls, Han Burgers that you see in this photo.   In the photo below you will find Carbonite Jello, Light Saber Grapes, Fett Fruit, Vader Veggies with Darth Dressing, Death Star Donuts, Wookie Cookies, Chewbacca Chips, Space puffs and Yodamole.  This was a fun little addition to the Star wars theme party and “E” thought it was a fun way to add to the party.

After having two fun and exciting birthday parties in one day, “E” was one tired out boy.  He was thankful for each and everyone of his friends that came to celebrate his birthday along with all the family.  We are very blessed.  Thank you to everyone who helped make “E’s” 6th Birthday as special as you did.


Thank you for following along on my Project 52.  I am hoping to catch up soon .   If you have any topics you might want to see let me know.  Smile


  1. So crafty and creative. Looked like such a fun birthday party!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is awesome, I just love all of the details to his party! And just adore that last picture of him sleeping, the party must have been a great success!

  3. I have a friend who features unique and awesome birthdays on a blog. You should submit to it…these was great!!

  4. So fun!! LOVE that cake!! Amazing!

  5. What a fun party! Love the details.

  6. What a cute birthday party! I did two little boys birthday party 2 months ago and the theme was little rockets. Boys all love space related themes.

  7. This looks like it was a lot of fun!! Superb details!

  8. Perth Baby Photographer

    Sooo cool!!!

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