Craft time: Week 23: {Elk River, MN Photographer}

Craft time: Week 23: {Elk River, MN Photographer}

Being crafty is something I enjoy. I can’t sit down and draw or paint you a picture, but if it is something I can design or put together I am right there.  I love to find new and fun ways to decorate our house.  If I find something I like I will try to find a way I can make it or get some help from my Mom if it needs sewing. This past year I have found a lot of cute projects to work on.  While my husband sometimes gets annoyed with me and my projects I think he enjoys them once they are done and have added a cute addition to our house, a birthday party or what ever they are for.  Most of them I either see it in my head, or I find it on the internet, pinterest or at a store. I can usually take a photo of it and create one from seeing it. Being crafty has been handed down to my son.  My oldest loves to do crafts and even creates projects all on his own.  This past Christmas I made the boys art/craft bins that they could use and create projects all on their own. My oldest likes to go in his bin and create a project if I don’t have something already planned for him to do.  His younger brother usually helps him out.

Right now this is one of my favorites that I have created so far.  I was using one that was in “E’s” room for a while but I wanted to bring it out in the main living area.  I saw this one and a couple others on pinterest and they linked back to a esty site where they were asking way too much for it and I was like hey it can’t be that hard to make.  So I bought the material I needed and off to my Mom’s to help get it sewed first.  Then it was time to do all the markings.  Yikes I didn’t really think that it would be that big of a task. I not only measured once, not twice but at least four times to make sure it was accurate.  It is fun to have the boy’s measurements and to be able to see the difference in the two. Even visitors like to walk up to it to see how tall they are.  I am in the process of making one for a friend right now.

Birthday Parties are another fun time for me.  I don’t like to buy a lot of pre-made birthday decorations. If you have been reading my blog I am sure you have seen some of these already.  Each year I put time and effort into creating a fun and unique birthday for my boys.  This year I did a Star Wars Birthday for “E” (his request).  They are a lot of fun.  I make the boys a Happy Birthday banner made out of pictures from each month going back to the month of their birthday the past year. It is fun to go through snapshots and see all the fun things we did.  I add part of the theme into the letters on top. This year Yoda was up with the letters.  We also did pictures of “E” in star wars costumes.  We already had Yoda which was made by my mom and a friend and I just had to pick up the other two.  This was a fun way to not only have fun taking photos but also we used them for two different projects.  We made his invites out of these photos and I also created a canvas collage on his bedroom wall when we re-did his room for his Birthday present.  My next craft project was to make the R2D2 garbage can or as we are using it a laundry hamper. I searched many stores for a white garbage can like the one above and couldn’t find one. So I ended up getting plastic paint and painting the can white.  I designed the shapes and had them cut out of vinyl and applied them.  It is such a fun addition to his Star Wars room, that really didn’t cost much to make.  Crafts don’t have to be expensive, you have to bargain shop.

Being crafty has helped with gifts. I love to make homemade gifts for friends. What a great way to document your new baby’s first year with onesies with the months on them. These had to be gender neutral so I had to play around with the colors a lot.  But they were a lot of fun to design and create.  “E” loves to craft with me so he is usually helping me with most of these.  We went out on a Mommy and Son date and he wanted to paint pottery.  I decided to make the boys a Birthday plate.  This was  a lot of fun because “E” helped me design and paint it.  It is always fun to have him help.  The shirt was made for Great Grandma. I love using the boy’s feet and hands in presents if I can.  I used the boy’s feet to make a lady bug and bee.  My wings turned out a little silly but that is me and not being able to draw.  I still think the shirt came out cute and Great Grandma loves it.

For Valentines Day we made some fun crafts.  “E” and I designed his valentines to hand out at School.  It was fun and they cost way less than store bought ones and we didn’t give candy.  His love for Yoda ended up being a great one.  Making Yoda’s light saber into a glow stick.  Then we created hands with a heart in the middle (hard to see) cards for the grandparents and a giant hug for Great Grandma.  We laid the boys out and traced them and their hands.  Each one of them designed and colored their picture.

Here are some craft projects I did for “E’s” friends and teacher.  I was able to help a lot in his class this year so I got to know the kids really well.  It was fun and each one of them touched my heart in one way or another.  So at the end of the year I wanted to give a little something to them.  We made them a Keep Kool this summer gift.  This was done with koolaide and a fun straw.  Didn’t realize that his teacher was giving the kids this same gift for the end of the year too.   I also created a couple fun gifts for his teacher for Christmas.  I made her the M&M container with a fun little saying about her being a great teacher.  I also designed the canvas for her. This was fun to do.  Then for the end of the year gift I wanted to create a fun craft. So instead of buying her something from a store I starting thinking of fun things I could make. Pinterst is a great place to look.  There are a lot of ideas out there.  I found a craft that involved color crayons and candy.  I changed it up and put a plant in the container and made a card stick out of a pencil which read, Thanks for helping me grow this year.

These two crafts have been on my list for a while to make.  I was trying to figure out how and what I exactly wanted to do.  I have been wanting the boys to be responsible for their chores so I made these fun Chore charts. Once they complete a chore they can move it down to done. Some of the items are as simple as getting dressed, brushing their teeth, eating their meal etc.  This has helped them realize there are things in the house that they, even at their age, can help with.  I have always wanted a fun and different way of writing out my menu for the week. I plan my meals out weekly on Sunday and I was using a notebook to write them on.  I wanted a way that the family could see what we were having.  I was going to paint a huge magnetic to hang on the fridge until I came across this fun and cool palette.  It now hangs on our fridge and I am loving using it.

My last craft I will share with you is my fun photos.  For Christmas this last year I wanted to give something to the in-laws that was fun and unique.  Now this project was a little harder than I had expected.  Every time I wanted to go out it seemed to be raining/snowing or was cold. I finally said well I have to go out and get the photos so I can create my picture.  Next challenge was finding a frame that would hold 5 photos.  There aren’t many out there without going and getting one specially framed.  So I came across this floating frame and I love the way it came out.  I am hoping they are enjoying having it hang on their wall in their house.  For Mother’s Day this year I created a fun picture for our parents to hang on the wall.  (I made one for us too.)  I found that my one sons name was a challenge to put in the scrabble pictures. His name had to go with the A in most of the photos and I couldn’t get anyone’s name to branch off of his. I created a collage of photo of the kids (one of each families) and hoped and prayed they lined up when they came in.  This was also a fun craft to create and give to our Parents.  Hopefully they will enjoy them for years to come.

Here are a few of my fun crafts I have made. I know there are many more but if I shared all of them you would get sick of reading this post.  Hope you enjoyed seeing my crafts.  It is a fun hobby that I enjoy.

Up next is week 24.  Stay tuned until then…


  1. These are so cute! I love the Scrabble family frame.

  2. You are one crafting genius!

  3. You are so creative! These are really great.

  4. Wherever do you find the time to do all these crafts?! They are awesome. I love the Scrabble one too!

  5. I adore these!!! I definitely want to share this blog post!!

  6. Love these, I am going to do the chore chart – so cute!

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