Week 22: Daddy and his boys {Elk River, MN Photographer}

Week 22: Daddy and his boys {Elk River, MN Photographer}

It’s Project 52 again.  We are on Week 22 and yes I am still playing catch up.  Hoping this week I will be caught up. Don’t want to over blog in one week so I have been trying to space them out a little.  This week I chose to blog about Daddy and his boys.  This seemed to fit as Daddy is away on a work trip.  He is gone at least once a quarter and sometimes it can be more.  I have things in a routine so when he is gone it isn’t as bad as it was in the beginning but still is an adjustment when you are the only parent.  I seem to get wore out more and find myself going to bed not long after I put the kids to bed.  Now back onto my post about Daddy.

Eric is a very hard worker and provides for our family.  He is dedicated to his work and will do what it takes to get his job done. He is also willing to help his co-workers.  I know numerous times he has worked late to help one of his co-workers figure out a problem. I am very proud of him and his hard work he puts in to provide the roof over our heads, food to fill our tummy’s and also allow us to do the fun things we can do as a family. He not only is a hard worker, but also a wonderful husband and father.  Without him I would not have the two wonderful, smart, energetic little boys I have. They both look up to Daddy and miss him a lot when he is gone. Daddy loves to wrestle and rough house with the boys and I am the exact opposite.  I do projects, play outside, cook, bake and all the fun stuff I like to do.  We go on family bike rides, camping trips, hunt for bugs, snowmobiling and many other fun activities as a family.

I asked the boys a couple questions about Daddy and here is what they said:

1.  What do you like most about Daddy?  “E” said that he my Dad and he loves to wrestle with me.  “J” said cuddling and spending time with him.

2. What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?  “E” said to make bugs with his bug machine and to go out looking and collecting them.  “J” said he likes to mow the lawn with Dad.

3. What is one thing you wish you could do with Dad?  “E” said he would want Dad to take him to Nickelodeon Universe. “J” said he either go with Daddy in his truck, (he loves to ride in Daddy’s truck) and to go on the airplane with Daddy when he goes on his work trips.

I am glad the boys love their Daddy as much as they do and that we have our cute little family.  I could not have asked for any better of two little boys or a husband.  They truly are the greatest 3 men in my life.  They each bring something different to my life and I love each one of them dearly.  Thank you boys for all you do for me and loving me.

Thanks for following along. Stayed tuned for week 23 soon.


  1. Your boys are so cute!

  2. Great photographs, love the little blond locks.

  3. Adorable boys!! Such little hams!

  4. Eric Edgar

    I love my boys very much. I love hearing about the things they enjoy doing.

  5. Eric your boys are adorable!

  6. Beautiful family! Great post for Father’s Day.

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