Winter in MN equals Snowmobiling Fun

Winter in MN equals Snowmobiling Fun

In Minnesota we have a long winter with lots of snow (or potential for lots of snow).  My husband and I purchased a snowmobile 8 years ago and for the longest time we kept it down at my Mom’s farm.  We decided it was time to bring it up to our house since we have two boys and I know they would love to go for rides. This winter we took it one step further. We actually went out trail riding with some Long time Friends of ours. We only owned one so we borrowed one of theirs the first time and then borrowed another friends the next time.  This since has turned into a fun Family activity to do in the winter. If you can’t stop it from snowing you have to embrace it and why not do that while having fun riding a snowmobile.

I grew up  having snowmobiles, even when we lived in California we went up to the mountains once in a while to snowmobile. Once we moved back to MN, we lived out on a farm and we had lots of space to ride. Dad would take us out in his homemade sleds that he pulled behind the snowmobile. This was a fun time. Now I am not one who likes to go speeding fast but I will have fun with it. So after going out twice this winter with the whole family and our friends we decided it was time to get a second sled of our own. So we started looking. Now that the snow has all melted (besides the 8-20 inches we are getting this week, which will probably melt right away) we can’t really take it out to ride. You know how hard it is to have a new toy sitting there and you can’t use it.  I am super excited for Winter to come next year but I am going to enjoy my spring and summer too.  It will come soon enough.

These photos are all taken by my iPhone or a small point and shoot camera. I wasn’t going to trust myself and or the weather to keep it dry riding the snowmobile.

A little fun playing in all the fresh snow before we take off on the trails. It was a beautiful day riding with all the fresh snow in the forest.  🙂

A day out on the snowmobile wasn’t complete with out the boys falling asleep and taking a nap. It would sometimes make for an interesting drive with them sleeping but “J” our youngest actually had a harness and was connected to one of us. We also lost one of “J’s” boots one time but thankfully we weren’t the last snowmobile in our group and they picked it up.

Here is a couple photos of our Great Friends “The Loewensteins”.  They are more like family than friends to us.  We live away from both of our families and they have stepped in when we have needed some help. It is always a good feeling knowing you have someone who you can trust and rely on.

My little Family.  I love being in a family with all boys. I am not a Tom Boy but I am not a girly girl either. It’s not often you will find me in a dress. I have started to wear a few more but I am more comfortable in jeans, dress pants etc. Spending time with the family doing things we enjoy is a lot of fun. I love capturing these memories even if they are with my iphone or a small point and shoot camera as there was no way I was taking my “nice” camera out on the snowmobile.

Some photos in front of the Lake. My hubby and I don’t have too many photos taken together but I love that I can reverse the camera on my phone. My Good friend Candace and I after a Spring break full of fun out in the snow and staying in a cabin with our own personal alarm clock. We have the younger kids and “J” likes to wake up between 6-7, sometimes earlier. And a photo of my family. I have two boys that some days will stand and take a nice picture and others where they have no interest in it.  🙂

And a picture of “J” on our new Snowmobile. I am so excited to go out and ride it. I had wished we had a little snow left to go try it out but now I know we will have a few fun trips to take in the years to come. “E” is so excited to have a seat to call his own with his own personal handles.

Week 15 is here.  Hope you are enjoying my project and are following along each week.




  1. If you’re going to live in MN, you have to embrace the seasons!

    • Sarah Edgar

      Yes I have learned to embrace the fun snow and get out and enjoy it. Although the snow this late in April isn’t as much fun. 🙁 But thankfully it won’t stay long. 🙂

  2. I am so jealous of all of this snow!!! I’m sitting here in hot Louisiana! 🙁

  3. Eeeeek, looks so cold! Glad to see you all had fun though. Your family is beautiful x

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